Video Clips

I wanted to capture, on this page, the aspect of performance that I feel to be most valuable.

Whereas there are many many performers on the internet with impressive showreels in terms of production value, and testimonials of “Celebrities”, you may well agree that there is rarely any footage or evidence of quality interplay between the audience and the performer.

In my opinion, this is the key element for the success of your event, in terms of the entertainment. The key element in terms of guests who didn’t previously know each other, coming together and feeling welcome and wonderful, and then getting in touch to give you credit for the successful event, and to tell you what a special time they had.

For me, performing is not about doing something to the spectator.

MY primary focus is always to GIVE to my audience, your guests, a wonderful, magical, memorable, fun, positive, respectful experience.

My performances are not quick “tricks” and I hope that you will like and appreciate this as can be seen in the following footage utilising a state-of-the-art  “point of view” tie-mounted camera (Arch Hotel Footage), allowing you to have a physical “souvenir” of your event, in High Definition,  at no extra cost.

For smooth viewing please press play, then press again to pause, allow the clip to fully load and then press once again on the play button and enjoy.

Peterhouse College, Cambridge University, England.

The Arch Hotel, London. An intimate gathering … entertaining important clients.

Please feel comfortable to  make contact with me when you feel that I can be of assistance for your next event. Your satisfaction is my GUARANTEE!

Impromptu Hypnotic Fun. Convent Garden, London


Corporate hypnotic fun at The Henley Regatta

Get in touch regarding my other services. Not just entertainment! I also TRAIN, COACH and MENTOR. Imagine the possibilites for POSITIVE CHANGE using my training technologies within your organisation. Obstacles, objections, your competitors, all disappearing in the minds of your clients.

With over 12 years of sales and sales training experience in addition to my other skill sets, imagine the additional revenue resulting from my training of your sales team. Imagine potential clients forgetting your competitors!


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