The Man

Born late at the age of 12, Dean felt different from other children and began immediately dragging his father to magic shops all over London to purchase tricks and learn magic. On one occasion, surrepticiously picking up a pack of playing cards displaying images of alluring nudity, the explosion of the trick deck and the resulting embarrassment quickly conditioned him in a very Pavlovian way against the use of props and gimmicks. This paved the way for something enduring and captivating – an interest in trying to amaze sophisticated and intelligent audiences with illusions using regular objects and demonstrations of the power of the mind.

Following some years of private schooling and two years residential study at the prestigious Hogwarts training school Dean returned to mainstream education and studied Psychology at University where he further developed his understanding of the human mind and body. After applying many of these skills in an operational front line military environment the lure of civvy street beckoned and a small twinkling performing star was born.

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